Yesterday, I sent 3 members of our team to a world class sales training event by Jack Daly in New York City.  One of them helps sell our property management services.  During the drive into the city, lunch and ride back to Connecticut one of our real estate agents said they have a single family house that is managed by an outside company.  Well not anymore was the response from our property management salesperson!

It is funny and a bit surprising to me but it goes to show – you have to let people you come in contact with know what you do / what services you provide.  This person on our team thought their home was too small for us to manage – but it is a growing segment of business for us.

You think people read all the pages of websites and read all the info on your linked in profile but many don’t have the time.   You don’t have to be “salesy” either.   You can casually tell people a story about your day, or a recent problem you solved which relates back to what you do.

Good luck letting people know what you do – you will see your name get passed around which will generate leads for new business.

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