Courage Outside Your Comfort Zone

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
–Vincent van Gogh, Dutch painter (1853-1890)

By Scott Levitt, as originally written in the Tuesday Tactics Newsletter produced by Oakley Signs & Graphics

In 2011, you’re going to need to do something new. You’re going to have to shake up the pattern. You’re going to have to break out the machete and cut a new path. In fact, I’d like to challenge you right now to embrace one simple maxim for 2011:

“This year, I will move toward my fear.”

Here’s the thing: Your comfort zone is holding you back. Dreaming small and acting small are safe decisions. Yes, they’re ways of defending yourself from big losses, but they’re also keeping you from the potential for enormous, positive change.

Does this mean you have to mortgage the house and gamble your life savings? No. In fact, life changes often begin by making small steps towards ambitious goals.

To begin, you simply need to change some patterns. Take a look at everything you do and see if there’s an opportunity for change when you move beyond your comfort zone.

For example: Do you go to the same coffee shop every morning? How many new people have you met there in the past four months? Is it possible that by picking a different stop for coffee, you might just meet someone new? And could that new person serendipitously introduce you to a new circle of potential friends, clients, and business partners?

Take a look at your routines: The times you do things, the places you go, the processes you’ve relied on out of habit and inertia. What could you change?

If you come up with an idea that makes you uncomfortable or fills you with anxiety, don’t turn away! Explore it further. Why does it make you uncomfortable? Are you afraid of the unknown? Might it prompt extraordinary change?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (don’t take it from me… a bright guy named Albert Einstein is often credited with that one).

In 2011, summon the courage to go beyond your comfort zone. Take a step closer to your fears, and on the other side of those fears, you may just see opportunity.

Published on March 16, 2011 in Business Start Up

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