Do Your Beliefs Limit You?

I recently finished a 9 day workshop on personal growth.  Some of the course focused on my investigating the beliefs I have and how they impact my life.  In a sense I was looking at myself from outside myself.  During this exercise I saw where I had accumulated beliefs from my childhood, parents, grandparents, school and others that shaped my views.  Many of my views were beneficial but there were more than i imagined were getting in my way.  Some views that get in the way are: you have to work hard to make money; you have to be serious to make money; fear of not having money or enough money.  Some of these beliefs were told to me by my WWII surviving grandmother based on her life experiences.  I see how these beliefs can limit my happiness and effectiveness in life and business.  Some of these beliefs make our reality conform to the actual belief itself.  For example if I hold the belief that it is hard to make money or you have to work hard to make money – I experience this in my life because that is what I am expecting so i put myself in situations where i make this true for myself – I am the one doing the hard work.  If i believe i have to be serious and I act that way and give up my fun then that is how I go about my workday. 

What beliefs do you hold that limit your success and happiness?  Take some time to think about it and write down what comes up for you – you may be surprised how you are “getting in the way of you”.  Have fun!

Published on September 5, 2012 in Business Start Up

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